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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Picks for the week

My pick is Sidebar downtown on Thursday before the Them Crooked Vultures show at The Tabernacle.  They usually have at least one or two interesting beers, and if nothing else always a good pour of Guinness.  I don't see anything unusual and interesting on anybody's lists right now (besides what I posted 2 days ago...BSP is now out of Interlude though).

I would be completely remiss to not point out that The Porter is having beer class on Flemish sours next Wednesday at 7:30.  I don't know yet which ones Molly will have to try, but if you've been reading about sours and want to jump in that would be a great opportunity.  It's usually $30 and includes samples of 6 beers.  I'll update if I find out what they are.  Make reservations at (404)233-0293.

Let me know if you've seen anything else of interest this week.  I've been busy and haven't really looked very hard.

Update 2/12: Them Crooked Vultures was awesome.  I saw them 3 times in October and this was by far the best show.  Sidebar, on the other hand, was lame.  Probably the smokiest bar in Atlanta and no seasonal beers, which they used to have.

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