Atlanta has somehow become a craft beer mecca with some of the greatest beer bars in the world. This is a tribute to the beers and the bars.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick picks

I've been too busy to be able to do much beer blogging (no, this isn't my full time job).  There's some good stuff out there though.  Samichlaus is making a rare appearance at the Brickstore.  Often called the strongest lager in the world (even BSP website makes the claim) it's not actually true, but at 14.5% it's not messing around either.  In the bottle it was very much like a browned chocolate chip cookie and very sweet.  On tap the sweetness has mellowed somewhat and other flavors like raisins and anise come through.  Very boozy and hot alcohol.  Nice and worth trying.  BSP is also carrying Allagash Interlude, a good American wild ale full of Bretty funk and goodness.

The Porter still had Hitachino Red Rice as of just a few days ago and it is well worth trying before it's gone.  Like a mixture of Flemish sour, sake, and Belgian pale. 

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