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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Picks for the week

This is pretty easy this week.  The distributor B. United is taking over the taps at The Porter on Friday so we get treated to some beers rarely ever seen on tap.  Big selection from the wild Japanese brewery Hitachino including their Real Ginger Ale, Red Rice, Espresso Stout, Commemorative, and White.  White shows up on tap occasionally but I don't think I've seen the others.

I'm most curious about the Red Rice and the Commemorative.  The Red Rice is 25% rice with the remainder being pilsner malt.  It's not a pilsner though, as the yeasts are an ale yeast and a sake yeast (ale yeast can't break down the rice sugars).  It's supposed to be a slightly fruity, sake-like, bitter, complex beer.

The Commemorative is a spiced Eisbock with coriander, orange zest, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla bean.  From Hitachino I think it's safe to assume that this one will be pretty far removed from any Eisbock you've had (which for most people would be limited to Aventinus).

Besides Hitachino I'm looking forward to the Sinebrychoff Porter, a great example of a Baltic Porter.

The list is being updated on The Porter's website.  I keep hoping to see Ondineke show up.  I know that B. United is the distributor and The Porter had it once for about a day.  It may have been the best tripel I've ever had.

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