Atlanta has somehow become a craft beer mecca with some of the greatest beer bars in the world. This is a tribute to the beers and the bars.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


After exploring the best beer bars in New York, London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Portland, Philadelphia, etc., I realize that no city in the world has better beer bars than Atlanta.  A lot of this can be traced to the influence of The Brick Store Pub, but now with The Porter in L5P raising the bar for draft list and pub food, more recent arrivals of The Bookhouse Pub in Poncey Highlands, The Grange Public House in Decatur, and Ormsby's in West Atlanta, and great selections at some smaller neighborhood pubs (I love Steinbeck's in Oakhurst), we have a thriving beer bar scene (I hate to not list them all, but love that there are too many to list here).

I'll be trying to keep you up to date on draft offerings from as many interesting pubs as possible and giving my opinion on best bets, along with my reviews of what I'm drinking.


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